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Mobusi Mobile Advertising, S.L., (hereinafter, "MOBUSI") is a Spanish limited liability company with Tax ldentification Number B-86439577, and registered address at calle Quintana, número 2, 28008 Madrid, Spain.

The present privacy policy may change with time dueto possible legislative, case law or criteria changes in accordance with the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data and/or the authority having jurisdiction at any given time. lt is for this reason that MOBUSI reserves the right to modify the present Privacy Policy to adapt it to the new applicable law or case laws that are in force at the precise moment that www.mobusi.com is accessed (hereinafter the web site). The changes that might be made will be communicated with enough prior notice to the users by posting them on this web site.


By simply visiting the web site, users do not provide any personal information neither is the user torced to provide it.

In order to access certain features of our web site, like contracting advertising services, it is necessary that you provide us with your personal data. When including this information, you guarantee us that the data that you provide us with will correspond to your true identity and that this one is updated and completed at the moment at which you provide us with.

In compliance with Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Personal Data Protection Law (LOPD) we inform you that the personal data provided by the user will be incorporated to an automated file property of Mobusi Mobile Advertising, S.L., with Tax ldentification Number B-86439577, and registered address at calle Quintana, número 2, 28008 Madrid, Spain, with contact electronic address: info@mobusi.com.

MOBUSI guarantees that it has adopted the management and technical measures necessary to guarantee the security of the provided data.

MOBUSI will not disclose or transmit the stored personal data in their files to third parties except in the cases anticipated in the regulation and stated in the present Privacy Policy.

MOBUSI will process the data according to the instructions of the person in charge and it will not apply them or use them with a different purpose from that of the stated, nor will disclose them, not even for its conservation, to other people.

The user has, in any case, a thirty days period to express his refusal to this processing. In case the user does not express to that effect in the established period, it is therefore understood that the user allows the processing of its personal data.


We acquire the following data with the purpose hereinafter explained:

MOBUSI will use the acquired data in order to provide better products and services, to identify habits and interests, for tracking and improvement of the service, to prevent lawful behaviours, for security reasons and to carry out market studies.

The information of the data bases might be used for the identification of the users and the accomplishment of statistical studies of the users registered atan interna! level.

We inform the users that the answers to the questions raised from forms of data gathering contained in www.mobusi.com is voluntary, although refusal to provide the data asked for might mean the impossibility of accessing services that might require said data. During the process of data collection, and whenever data is asked for, the users will be duly informed about the obligatory or voluntary nature of the data collection. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) included in the forms for users to fill in are strictly necessary to take answer their request, being voluntary including the rest of the data.

The financia! data gathered will be used to authorize the payment and billing of products and services. When making the purchase in the web site, the user gives his/her consent so that his/her necessary personal and/or financia! data are provided to said third parties if it is deemed necessary to process the transactions that take place, like credit cards companies, banks and companies that manage the shipment on our behalf. This includes the exchange of information with other companies and organizations for protection against fraud and reduction of credit risk. Except as aforementioned otherwise, MOBUSI will not share the financia! data with third parties without the previous consent of the user.

MOBUSI will not disclose to third parties the personal information that you provide us with in this web site, except for when said disclosure is required by the current legislation, court order, or the competent authority, as well as when indispensable data must be communicated for logical reason of rendering service or is expressly requested and the user gives express consent.

AII the data provided by means of electronic mail or electronic forms will be processed according to the current legislation on personal data protection, and in any case they will have confidentiality status to MOBUSl's staff and on the part of the organization and personnel that manages the processing of this information.

MOBUSI, as person in charge of said file, is committed to respect the confidentiality of your personal information.


The user is entitled to access his information, to rectify it if the data is wrong, to be against the processing of his data and to unregister the services of MOBUSI by sending a written form to Mobusi Mobile Advertising, S.L. at calle Quintana, número 2, 28008 Madrid, Spain or to the electronic address info@mobusi.com.

MOBUSI will request, at the exact moment of collecting the data, the commercial consent of the user to receive information, advertisement, communications via electronics means about products or services related to MOBUSl's activity and initiatives. At the exact moment of collecting the data, the user will be able to express his or her desire to receive commercial communications or to be against it. In addition, at any given moment the user will be able to modify his or her profile and the account preferences.

MOBUSI shall send commercial communications addressing products or services of their own company that are similar to what initially was the purpose of contract with the client.


MOBUSI guarantees that it has adopted the management and technical measures necessary to guarantee the security of the provided data.

The system of rendering of service by MOBUSI uses a secure server and the latest technology in encryption. A secure server guarantees the privacy of the data that you send by Internet. Said privacy is achieved by SSL protocol.

What is a Secure Server?

A secure server guarantees the privacy of the data that you send by Internet. This privacy is achieved by SSL protocol, the current standard used by the security industry. In Internet, the security is the result of the communication between a browser that supports SSL and a server that supports the same protocol. Any browser version supports this protocol.

How does SSL protocol work?

lt simply works by encrypting the data that you send through the coding RSA system when it is located in a browser security zone. Your Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari... browser in collaboration with the secure server, encrypts your data so that if sorne individual is able to take hold of said data while sending, he/she will not be able to read them since he does not have the necessary code.


Access to children under the age of 18 is prohibited. MOBUSI shall contact a user at any time in order to verify the user's real age by the Spanish ID photocopy or a similar identification document. To not provide an answer within the established period of time might imply the blocking or cancellation of the user account. lf we are aware that a child under the age of 18 has a user account with us, we will block or erase the account.